Do you plan on offering additional products under your brand or other brands?


Yes, at Mika Concepts, we intend to develop additional products under our own brands such as MIKANATURALS™, CLAYVAGE™, and any other brand names that we may consider. We also intend to carry other Third Party brands that we may deem unique or of interest to our customers.


Are the Botanical Gels fragrance free?


The Botanical Gels are naturally scented, with no artificial fragrances. The products are intended to be natural, based on the ingredients they contain, and are essentially fragrance free. The one exception is the Arnica Montana & Yucca Plus Gel with Menthol. This product is naturally scented due to the Menthol Crystals, Peppermint Oil, and Camphor Oil in the product.


Why are the Botanical Gels fragrance free?


By keeping the gels fragrance free, they may be mixed with your favorite lotion or cream for additional skin care and/or anti-aging benefits, without having competing fragrances between the gels and the lotion or cream. This is additionally beneficial for people with sensitive skin or if you are experiencing skin irritations (sunburn, windburn, razor burn, cuts and scraps, etc.).


There are so many Botanical Gels to choose from, how do I pick the right one for me?


You really can’t go wrong with any of the gels. Each was developed with specific botanical blends in mind and with certain skin care, anti-aging, and pain relief benefits. As we are a USA-based company with international customers as well, the gels were developed to appeal to both national and international consumers. Feel free to try a few of the gels and pick your favorite(s)!